1. Swim only when lifeguard is on duty.

  2. Children 8 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

  3. All individuals ages 18 and under are required to take a swim test before entering the deep end of the pool. The test includes using a proficient breast stroke or freestyle swim one length of the pool, pausing to proficiently tread water for 30 seconds and immediately using a proficient stroke to return to the starting point.  

  4. If a child is using a Coast Guard approved flotation device an adult must be in the water within arm's reach supervising the child in the shallow end of the pool.

  5. Walk- no running on the pool deck.

  6. There is no jumping/diving in the shallow end and flips off the side of the pool are not permitted.

  7. Kick boards, noodles, and flippers are only available for lap swimming and instructional use. 

  8. We ask that all members are courteous to others.

  9. No horseplay, profanity, dunking, shoulder rides, or pushing.

  10. Proper swimming attire is required.

  11. Pool toys and balls are permitted if they are used in an appropriate manner.

  12. If lightning is seen in the area the pool will be closed temporarily.