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Fayette County Family YMCA Endowment

Mission: To put Christian principles into practice that build a healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.

Vision: To make Fayette County the best place in Ohio to raise a family.

Your commitment of a gift to an endowment fund is the strongest statement of support to the mission that a friend of the YMCA can make. The YMCA is central to the lives of people in Fayette County. We build strong kids. We connect families. We push the boundaries of limitation, and we advance self confidence to serve the common good, all of which builds strong communities.

The Fayette County Family YMCA has relied on the generosity of members, friends, corporations, and foundations that endorse the YMCA’s mission. This support has played a vital role in propelling the YMCA into the front ranks of premier human service organizations. Now, more than ever, philanthropy is essential to sustain this important legacy.

Purpose of the Fayette County Family YMCA Endowment

The goal of the YMCA’s endowment program is to create an endowment fund of sufficient size to produce a portion of the annual program funding, facility enhancement, and infrastructure requirements. In supporting this effort, YMCA friends like you will help to ensure a strong, viable YMCA for future generations. Gifts to the Heritage Club may be designated for a specific purpose (ie. reduce facility debt, capital expansion, specific program development, scholarships) or for general purposes.

What is the Heritage Club?

The Heritage Club is composed of individuals who have made an outright gift or notified the YMCA that they have provided for a future planned gift, whether large or small, to the YMCA endowment fund.

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment fund is a permanent fund in which the principal of your gift is invested and grows over time. The endowment fund then makes distributions to support the purpose(s) specified by the donor(s). Gifts made to an endowment can be made to support the general mission of the organization or directed to serve a specific program or purpose.

Endowment gifts are extremely valuable in enhancing the quality of the Fayette County Family YMCA’s community service programs since they provide a stable, constant resource regardless of support from the annual Strong Kids Campaign.

“It has been a great experience for the whole family. I am so glad we made the decision to join. I am glad that the YMCA offers so many programs for children because it keeps them wanting to go back!” – Melinda Jenkins

Why Do People Join The Heritage Club?

Friends of the Fayette County Family YMCA make gifts to the Heritage Club because:

  • They like knowing their gifts will be preserved.
  • They want the YMCA to be strong and active to serve future generations.
  • They want to enable the YMCA to offer new programs to meet emerging needs.
  • They want to share their “success in life” with the local community, rather than the government.
  • The gifts may help to meet one of a variety of family or personal estate planning objectives.
  • The gifts may meet particular family or personal investment objectives.
  • Potential income tax, capital gains tax, and state tax savings may be created.

How Can I Become A Member Of The Heritage Club?

Outright Gift

Make an outright gift of money, land, stock, bonds, insurance, or by other financial instrument.


One of the simplest and most flexible planned gift is a bequest, which is a clause in your will naming the Fayette County Family YMCA Endowment as recipient of part or all of your estate.

Insurance Beneficiary

Simply name the Fayette County Family YMCA Endowment as one of the beneficiaries or sole beneficiary of a life insurance policy, even one that you already own. By making the foundation the owner and beneficiary of the policy, you can deduct the premiums as charitable deductions.

IRA Beneficiary

Avoid being taxed on IRAs by naming the Fayette County Family YMCA Endowment as the beneficiary of retirement assets.

Charitable Gift Annuity

When transferring cash or securities to the Fayette County Family YMCA, the Endowment in return guarantees to provide fixed quarterly payments to you and up to one other family member or loved one. There are two types of gift annuities: charitable gift annuities and deferred gift annuities.

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust (CRT) is a vehicle allowing you to transfer assets to a trust and receive income from that trust until a specified time, at which point the “remainder” (what’s left over) goes to the Fayette County Family YMCA Endowment. CRTs are created during your lifetime or through your will.

Named Funds

Gifts to Fayette County Family YMCA Endowment are made to the general fund. Each year the Endowment Committee and Board of Directors determines the distribution in conference with the YMCA’s leadership. There are also opportunities to provide an endowment for specific YMCA programs (such as camp scholarships) or positions (such as aquatics director). Donors may establish a named fund through a gift of $5,000 or more.

Which Will Be The Best Giving Plan For Me?

Consult your own legal and/or financial advisors, then ask your representative to assist you in selecting a gift opportunity that best expresses your generosity. For more information on Heritage Club membership contact Doug Saunders at 740-335-0477.

When making a direct or deferred gift, the legal name of the association is the Fayette County Family YMCA.

The Fayette County Family YMCA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Tax id# 61-1416843.