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Our classes are offered early morning for early risers and into the evening for those who need to burn off steam from a long day. Our instructors are professionals who have your healthy interests at heart and will offer a variety of difficulty levels and skills in each class.

All Group X Classes Are Included with your membership!

Including Cycling and TRX

*Class Schedule is subject to change based on participation


*Returning Soon Caveman!            

Active Yoga: Yoga for the traditional fitness enthusiast. It is an hour-long class that can be best described as strength, flexibility, with a dash of relaxation.

Bodyworks: Bodyworks class uses passive exercises that promote the body's return to proper function and the alleviation of pain. The class uses the Egoscue method, foam rolling, and active isolated stretching.

Dancing at the Y : A fun and energized dance workout to music from oldies to today's best tunes. All participants welcome

Flex Time: This class provides the stretch you need to finish your workout strong. Reduce stress, increase range of motion, and promote leaner muscles

SilverSneakers Enerchi: EnerChi is comprised of easy-to-learn, modified tai chi forms aimed at improving well-being. Low-impact movements are practiced in a slow, flowing sequence to progress strength, balance and focus. Chair support is offered to facilitate standing stability and seated exercise.

Kick Start: A full body, punching and kicking cardio class with an upbeat, fun, and easy to follow flow of kickboxing exercises

Level UP!: Whether you are there or still on the way! A mix of stability, strength, and hypertrophy routines to get you to that upper level!

POUND: Combines cardio, strength training, and Pilates with drumming to achieve a full-body workout. Using lightly weighted drumsticks, Ripstix™, participants can expect to burn between 500-900 calories per class and will be performing over 15,000 reps per session! 

Silver Sneakers® I – Muscular Strength & Range of Movement (MSROM): Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement, and activity for daily living skills.

Silver Splash: Shallow water moves to improve agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance.

SPIIT: Spin mixed with HIIT. 3 minute intervals of spin, sprints mixed with body weight movement HIIT.

TRX Silver: TRX which stands for Total Body Resistance Exercise, is a revolutionary workout method that uses your body weight and gravity resistance to build strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, core and joint stability. 

X-30 kickboxing: 30 minute full body kickboxing workout for burning fat quickly and toning the body. (This class uses gloves and heavy bags)

Y-Cycle: Indoor group cycling for the Beginner /Intermediate/Advanced. This group exercise class features an energetic, instructor-led, cycling class designed to challenge your cardiovascular system!

Y-Pump Circuit: This class is a fat-burning, total body workout. We will use light to moderate weights with high reps to help you lean out, get toned /fit all in one class. This class involves barbells, plates, and bodyweight exercises. This class is for all fitness levels seeking to get healthy and fit.


Water Exercise  

SilverSneakers® SilverSplash®

Activate your aqua exercise urge for variety!

SilverSplash® offers LOTS of fun and shallow water moves to improve agility, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance. No swimming ability is required, and a special SilverSneakers® splashboard is used to develop strength, balance and coordination.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9:30-10:20 a.m.

Deep Water Aerobics

Thursday 6:00pm-6:50pm